Pre-Flight Program – I’m excited!

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So my friends, this may be considered a weird share :). I do have another blog that I write all my secret thoughts about being in business but it’s secret, lol so I don’t generally share it. However, I’m so excited about this program and I want a lot of accountability following me so I’m deciding to share this over here on this very public blog :).

I was super blessed this week with being able to start a GREAT program for entrepreneurs here in Little Rock. On this blog you may not really get a feel for my entrepreneurial spirit or what my day job is. Well my day job is full time working my businesses – those being Etniq Cosmetics and Leah’s School of Latin Dance. I am a hardcore entrepreneur and quite serial about it – though I must say everything has generally been around the same area of holistic health, wellness, beauty, and dance.

So back to the program. This program, named Pre-Flight, is offered by a new organization here in Little Rock named The Arkansas Venture Center. This is such an amazing opportunity. This program is the real deal. Like really. Like accelerating your business idea from 0 to 100 in 14 weeks! Did I say I was excited? Yes, I am excited!

My partner and I are going to rock this program out. We are going to do our absolute best. We are going to utilize this resource to the utmost of its intended use and we are going to be so much wiser, so much better prepared, and so much more positioned for the success of our choosing at the end of this.

I’m cysed and I just wanted to share that :).

Dreams come true my friends. Keep expecting the best and it will come – I can testify to that!




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Red Raspberry for PMS even after Fibroids

Red Raspberry

With fibroid surgery, you’d think that I’d be free of heavy menstrual pains and uncomfortable cycles. I was hoping :-). Things however have just changed – my PMS doesn’t feel the same, but it’s unfortunately equally uncomfortable. However, I’m believing that this will change. I have to remember that it’s only 5 months shy of surgery so I realize the importance of giving my body time to balance out. I’m sure it will :-).

There are things though that I can do to encourage the balancing and that’s what this post is mostly about. Relying on my herbs and essential oils instead of that “too easy to pop” 800 mg Ibuprofen is the way I’m going!

The first remedy I’m going to tell you guys about works wonderfully for relieving PMS and menstrual cycle symptoms. It also has other great therapeutic effects on the body, as do most natural remedies.

Red Raspberry – Red raspberry has long been one of my favorite herbs. It grows wild but is also cultivated as a crop throughout the world. It’s been used since at least the 1500s to treat all types of illnesses and afflictions. The fruit is typically used for food and medicinal purposes. The leaves, which are our focus today, are used mainly for medicinal purposes.

For PMS and menstrual cycle pains, red  raspberry leaves act as a powerful muscle tonic to the uterus and also can reduce inflammation and therefore cycle pain. Red Raspberry is considered a powerful tonic for the entire reproductive system, most likely owning to its wide range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals including antioxidants. All of these help red raspberry act as an anti-emetic, muscle relaxer, and more.

Red Raspberry is very safe and it’s often recommended to take 3 cups a day over several months. Generally you’ll begin to experience an easing of PMS and menstrual symptoms about a month after starting the tea. This is why it’s a great to start right after a cycle. You’ll be prepping to have a much gentler cycle symptom-wise the next month.

Red Raspberry is high in phytoestrogens, plant constituents that mimic the behavior of estrogen. I was initially a little worried that Red Raspberry and other plant estrogen containing substances would contribute to my fibroids reappearing. However, after a bit of research, I found that the phytoestrogens will actually work in favor of keeping fibroids from reoccurring.

The reason for this is that phytoestrogens take the place of estrogen at the estrogen receptors but since they are weaker, don’t stimulate the estrogen receptors like estrogen would. Therefore incorporating certain phytoestrogens, like soy, for instance into your diet, can actually help protect again fibroid growth and reappearance.

That was so relieving, trust me :-).

The next time around for this article, I’ll talk about another remedy I really like. If you don’t to miss it, make sure you subscribe to the blog over on the right! In the meantime, go make yourself some tea :).

Plant those New Moon Seeds

photocredit: Russellstreet

photocredit: Russellstreet

It’s New Moon time again :).

You may know that this is significant time for me. It’s always a time of new beginnings and new possibilities in my mind’s eye.

It’s a time to dream again and believe those dreams could come true all because and just because you’ve set your sights on those dreams.

How do I think it works?

By dreaming these little dreams and getting excited about them, you re-align your invisible sails to make haste to *those* destinations. Often times you are amazed at how far you get and what you’ve learned on the journey just a few short weeks later – at the full moon or in the days before the next new moon. 

It’s a beautiful cycle and it brings me so much insight every time I actively participate!

And so my friends, I’m inviting you to participate with me this time. What’s been on your mind to create? to change? to evolve into? to be better at? What do you want that seems just outside of your grasp?

Let me know in the comments. Then plant your seeds of intention in your mind with a quiet meditation or prayer. Let it flow into the Universe (God’s Hands) and see what floats back to you in the coming weeks :-).


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Robin Williams – What I hope we take away

Get that Glowy Skin

Glowy Skin


Hello lovies! So today’s post is all about one of my favorite things, holistic/natural skincare. It’s so possible to have beautiful, glowy skin and there are quite a few ways to approach it. Of course, what you are feeding your body is going to make a huge difference and we’ll talk about that in a later post. Today’s post though is going to be about developing a simple skincare routine. Sometimes, you need to go back to the basics! I originally posted this article over on the Wellness site at Bellaonline (I’m the wellness editor there :-)) a few years ago and it was so well received that I felt like it deserved a repost.

Enjoy bringing on that beautiful healthy glow in your own cute face!


Back to Basics

Sometimes it’s necessary to go back to basics. When your skin gets super reactive, seems dull and without a natural glow, or just seems generally “unhappy”, you might want to try this. Even if you’ve never actually tried the basics, your skin might be begging for them!

Below, I’m going to start you on one of the simplest skin care routines possible where you actually creae your own products to use, thus being in total control of what your skin is exposed to – at least cleaning wise:). 

1. Cleanser
The first basic we need is a cleanser. This isn’t a step you want to skip. I don’t know many people who can go without cleansing their skin twice a day and maintain healthy, vibrant “breakout-free” skin. Particularly in our modern societies, our skin needs to have the gunk of our polluted air and environments removed in order to function properly. 

So for a basic cleanser, I recommend everyone purchase a product called castille soap. The most popular brand of castille soap is Dr. Bonner’s, which can be found at almost any natural products store and online as well. There are a number of scents and each one does a good job of cleansing.

Castille soap is such a good choice because it is very gentle yet very effective at cleansing. I recommend two varieties, tea tree oil and peppermint oil for oily skin. For normal skin to sensitive skin, I recommend the almond oil or original version. Dry skin does well with these also. 

When using these, use just like a regular cleanser – take a small amount, lather your face with it, rinse it off, and proceed to your scrub, if you have one, or toner. 

2. Exfoliant
An exfoliant is the second important basic. Everyone should be using a scrub/exfoliant at least once a week. This is to help your skin slough off dead skin cells. In a perfect world with perfectly healthy skin nurtured by super healthy diets, the skin wouldn’t need any help sloughing off dead skin cells. As we know, this isn’t our world :-). So giving a little extra help is sometimes the way to go.

To create a simple, health promoting scrub that does the job, all you really need is brown sugar and olive oil. Contrary to belief, olive oil is great for the skin. It penetrates the skin very well, thereby increasing moisture content and retention. It’s also stocked full with vitamins that the skin needs. Brown sugar contains glycolic acid, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also help even out skin tone. 

To make this scrub, find a small bowl and add about 4 tablespoons of sugar. Add enough oil to create a scoopable paste. Mix this together until the sugar is scoop-able and then apply to your face in circular motions. Just like with any scrub, apply gently and make sure you scrub your entire face. Instead of washing off by rinsing your face (unless you are in the shower), wipe off with a warm, damp washcloth. 

These two first steps will get you on the way to beautiful glowy skin in no time! We still need to talk about toner and moisturizer but we’ll save those for a future post.

Love yourself and be blessed!

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#Chevrons ! Red clover is a plant so dear to me. I found this little patch of chevrons walking my doggies around the neighborhood. It took me back to my old self that longs to encourage people to get to know the ‘weeds’ right around them. These plants have such heading power! Maybe if we learn to value them, we’ll begin to wonder why we can’t just go out and harvest what is growing down the street… and *then* we’ll actually start to do more about the toxins and pesticides we’re using everyday….Just a thought :-). Anyway, I love #redclover for so many reasons. You should look it up ;-) .. #herbalwisdom #favoriteherbs #greenwisdom #leahslife

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What Choice?


So it’s been a doozy of a week! I’ve seen myself through a LOT of adversity and trust me – it was the “beat you down to the ground” type adversity. At least in my eyes :-). And you know, I could have easily faltered. I could have easily decided to just chuck it all and give it up. Like “bump this battle! I’m going to work for Walmart.” Or the call center. Or the temp agency. Or even the next best engineering job I could find.” Sometimes the going is tough, whether it’s the juggling act of multiple ‘most important priorities’ or the rearranging of this budget to fit that need or the constant requirement of flexibility and adaptability because I’m going my own path in life.

But there is always choice – always.

A major confidant in my life told me the other day that he felt like sometimes, though I give lots of lip service to believing positive things about myself and my life, that I secretly didn’t always believe it.

How sobering is that?!

It made me think though. What choices am I making at those pivotal moments. When I’m being hit with something that makes me cringe – what choice am I making in that instant? Am I making the choice to believe some old negative story about “see Leah, told you the other shoe always drops…” or can I make a choice right in that instant to see the wonderful game unfolding. The fun in the figuring out what to do next. The novelty in the mystery of how this one is going to turn out. Because truthfully, look at your life – doesn’t it *always* work out somehow? Begrudgingly, we can all say yes right? It works out. Life works out. It always does. Even when the outcome is nothing near what you wanted, looking back, how many of us see how that thing actually did work out and brought something else that, more than likely, we didn’t even know we needed. I’m willing to bet there are lots of us.

So today’s short and sweet is this: be conscious of your choice in those instants. If you miss the instant, no matter – catch the next one and choose to see the happiness in a new path yet to be seen. When you trust in that thing called faith/intuition/divine guidance the light down that tunnel gets brighter.

Trust me. Better yet, trust yourself ;-).


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