What did I learn from the #Etniqbeautea Mini-Challenge?

Etniqbeatea Mini-Challenge

So what did I learn from my mini-tea challenge?

I felt like reflecting on that question would be not only good for me but good for everyone else too. You might have thought it was an interesting idea. Maybe you intended to join the challenge but never got around to it. Maybe you even re-posted the picture, invited some friends, and thought you were going to make it through the entire 8 days – and then didn’t.

First things first – it’s ok.

It’s totally ok if you didn’t make it through the challenge.

Trust me, it was a challenge for ME to make it through the challenge.

So let’s talk about that first. I intended to make it challenging for myself. I deliberately chose a span of days that I would be traveling through for starters. That meant that I had to find time to make tea for myself, photograph it, remember what was awesome and beneficial about that tea or research it if I didn’t know off the top of my head, and post it. That was particularly challenging for me because I was traveling for my family reunion.

I have a tendency to have a LOT of anxiety when I have my own agenda/to do list around my family. (Although, to hear them tell it, I have no problem with my own agenda and am often selfishly pursuing it *cringe* *smiles* *lol*.) So having to do even this small thing while on my family’s time was a major deal. However, I felt like asserting myself was important but what was even more important was experiencing how I could conjointly have my own to do list while still being available and a part of what was going on with the family.

No matter how many experiences one gets of this, the constant reminder is so powerful and so necessary. At least for me it is.

See I was born with anxiety and a desire to get lots of stuff done..can’t help it, lol. So reminding myself constantly that it all can coexist is important to my mental stability. Real talk ;-).

The second part of the challenge for me was committing to my teas.

I’d wanted to drink the same tea daily but I opted against that for this challenge mostly because I didn’t want to limit anyone else, and I wanted some variety in posting and information sharing. Although there probably are 8 days worth of things to say about one particular herb or tea, I wanted to make sure no one got caught up trying to figure out what *else* is good about peppermint (for instance).

At the end of this challenge I can say that I feel good. I’m proud of myself. I committed to something for 8 days and although the pictures didn’t all get up in the time that I wanted them to, my commitment to myself and to the idea was solid. And now, I’ve redeveloped my habit. Just in that short time, I’m craving tea like before and it isn’t so much of a task to remember to make a cup. I’m not stressing over whether today is a coffee day or a tea day. It’s ok to be both :).

So my next two challenges, I’m very excited about. I like working with a collective group even if it’s in mind and not in actual unified activity (i.e. you don’t actually get to complete the challenge :)).

The first challenge will be a smoothie one. I used to be a green smoothie a day girl. And then…I just stopped. I’m not sure what happened exactly, but all of a sudden, I was no longer making my smoothies. I know part of it was the death of my single serve blender that my beloved Suzie Q chewed to bits. I didn’t get another one but I did get a Vitamix. Major upgrade and much better, smoother smoothies. And I do go through my periods of “a smoothie a day” but they don’t stick. I want them to stick. Hence a 14 day challenge. Woop!

The challenge after that is going to be a yoga challenge. I still have to think this one out and figure out how I’m going to bring it about. Yoga is something I need in my life, especially with my propensity towards anxiety and succumbing to stress. Again, I go through my bouts of yoga everyday and then leave it for months, even years. I want it back and I think with a tribe of being supported and getting supported, all of us who want it can get it.

So stay tuned for that one as well!

Colbie Caillat – Try

This video makes me happy, it makes me sad, it makes me think…Ultimately, no matter how we embellish and enhance ourselves as women – even as people – if we don’t remember/remind ourselves/show ourselves that we are enough just because, just as we are, just because we are here..it will be a losing battle. You’ll never feel what you are trying to feel. That smile will never truly be true. I thank Colbie for being such a light.

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