Mystery Plant Outside My Door

Mystery PlantThere’s a plant, a weed, if you will, that grows right outside in front of my porch. It looks a lot like Wild Carrot also known as Queen Anne’s Lace.

English: Daucus carota plant in its natural ha...

English: Daucus carota plant (Wild Carrot/Queen Anne’s Lace) in its natural habitat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And because that’s what I secretly hoped and wanted it to be, I let it be. I let it grow tall enough for flowers to start blooming and even defended it from my mother who, in regular gardening/’keeping things neat’ mode, was just about to pull it up because weeds don’t belong.

But for me weeds do belong. I didn’t want to tell her that I thought it might be Queen Anne’s Lace because of any superstitions about that plant showing up now. I’ll explain that a little later :). What I did tell her though was that I thought it was pretty.

Which I do – most weeds are vibrant greens with strong roots and stems and their blooms can actually be quite beautiful. Couple that with their intrinsic ability to be health tonics and strong, safe medicine for a number of ailments, I had to wait to see which plant it would turn out to be.

Well it actually turned out not to be Wild Carrot. I’m pretty sure it’s Poison Hemlock, a prevalent weed that grows along roadsides and backyards. Yes that equals sad face. Poison Hemlock is often confused with Wild Carrot and that can be a deadly confusion. Poison Hemlock is a skin irritant at best and a toxic, life threatening poison at worst.

What tipped me off? The blossom of the plant – Wild Carrot generally has one red dot in

Poison Hemlock Flowers

Poison Hemlock Flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the middle of each cluster of white flowers. The clusters are also full. This plant in contrast has white flowers in sparse clusters. The flowers aren’t tightly bunched together and there is no red point within the center of each flower cluster.

So now sadly, I have to go ahead and pull it up. If it is Poison Hemlock, it can be very dangerous for me and my furbabies. If they eat any of it, it could be fatal. It can irritant mine and their skin and even cause respiratory issues. So yes, it has to go.

If it had been Wild Carrot, I would have been pretty excited and also pretty curious about it popping up all of a sudden. The exciting part – Wild Carrot is an herb that I’ve studied for a long time. It has a well documented history as a contraceptive – particularly the seeds of the plant. My herbal mentor, Robin Rose Bennett, back when I was an active herbalist, conducted research and study of it and even wrote a booklet explaining her findings. Here she’s written a final summary of her more recent studies:

There is also tons of anecdotal data that shows how well it works to prevent pregnancy. In short, it’s a viable alternative for women who don’t want to use birth control pills or other methods with questionable side effects.

And that’s why it was curious for me – because I have been considering the baby question! I’ve actually been thinking a lot about if it’s time to bring a child into my life. I’ve got a great partner. I’m stabler and more balanced than I’ve ever been. And my doctor thinks because of my fibroids, it’s better as a sooner than later thing. And sheesh, I’m 38. What exactly am I waiting for?!
Ultimately, there is no such thing as a perfect time and so I’ve been reeling in my thoughts from someday to one of these days soon.
So if Wild Carrot Seed suddenly showed up at my door, that would have definitely given me something to think about sign wise.
But luckily it didn’t :-D. So the baby thoughts are still a go lol :-).


Aromatique: Life’s Surprises

Have you ever starred in a commercial? Me either until last month! Let me explain :). Through my work as Great Gospel Morning’s host, I just happened to receive a call a few months ago about doing a commercial for Aromatique Inc, another Arkansas grown business (that I happen to admire), and of course I jumped on it! New experiences and resume builders?? Why not?!

I got all the details and eagerly awaited the shoot day. If you didn’t know, shooting a commercial is an all day affair. We started early that morning at our first location. The crew actually had to dirty up a kitchen to create the right scene. That scene is all of 10 seconds in the commercial but it took about 2 hours to prepare and shoot! Wild right, lol.

Our next location when pretty smoothly – just lots of takes of different arm movements, smiles, and body placements. All of 3 seconds on the video :-D.

The third location was the most ‘fun’. We patiently waited for the sun and clouds to cooperate with us – which translated into a good two hours of begging the sun to play nice!

The final scene was the easiest – all I had to do was get the ‘look’ right. Luckily, I’ve had this look of immense gratitude before lol so it wasn’t that hard to pull up.

All in all it was a cool experience and if I’m ever offered the opportunity, I will surely do it again. I liked adding some diversity to the world of candle commercials and showing a wild-haired, natural woman in the mix of everyday life doing things that every mother and wife do :).

A couple of friends of course are super excited for me and keep saying “Leah, you should totally get an agent so you can do more of this!”. I don’t know about all that, lol, but hey you never know! What do you think??

KTHV Beauty Minute: Turmeric Face Mask

LeahKTHVTurmericCan you believe that I forgot to post my last KTHV beauty segment? It’s been that busy around here! In any case, I thought about it today and figured now is just as good a time as any :).

For those that don’t know, I do a regular beauty segment on KTHV typically once a month and my focus is generally natural beauty and makeup. It’s a fun and satisfying outlet for sharing my expertise as a holistic aesthetician and herbalist plus founder of a natural makeup company. I love sharing these things that I love so much!

This last segment, I focused on a spice that you may be hearing more about lately. It seems that turmeric has become increasingly popular over the past year or so. It has a number of great properties for our health and well-being. This skincare recipe focuses on how turmeric helps with cleansing and rejuvenating your face.

Click on the picture above or the link below to check it out :).

Some yummies!

Who has ever had this yummy, yummy, yummy beer?? I’m absolutely in love with it!

I’m not typically a beer drinker. In fact, I consider myself a late bloomer to all things ‘adult’ lol – like drinking, cleaning house effectively, cooking regularly. Alas :-).

So anyway, I was really excited when a friend brought this yummy sounding beer to our BYOB salsa party at my dance studio.

Apples?! I had to try it and oh my yum! Delish! Times 2! A beer I can actually drink and be sad about when it’s all gone?? Fancy that :-)!

So I just wanted to share in case you are anything like me and find beer generally bleck-inducing :-).

Checking In

So I took a full two months off from over here and I do miss it! I’ve been so busy with running my two businesses that it’s felt like just too much to come over and even drop a line to say hello or update about this or that new thing that I’ve been doing. Partly though, that means that I’ve let life bog me down with too many to dos, too much stuff to get done, and not enough me time.

I remember that the point of this blog was to share me. Just the things that I’m passionate about. The things that I really care about. The things that matter most to me. A good portion of that is natural living. I used to be so good at being a crusader for natural living. I used to be so good at eating the best foods I could manifest. I used to be great about being disciplined. I used to be so devoted to what natural meant to me.

Now I’m not saying that I’m NOT these things anymore. But I am saying that life has a way of wearing you down if you don’t pay attention. Life has worn me down a bit. And recently I’ve been working on getting back into the flow that makes me happy.

It’s not easy work. Because there’s also other work to do (did I mention two new businesses? Yes I’m a bit nuts). But what I’m realizing is that this is the kind of stuff that nourishes my soul. This is the kind of stuff that I do just because I love it. Just because it feels good. Like dancing. Like gardening. Just because.

I need to do more of that. And I need to share more of that. I’m hoping that I keep making time for it. Luckily I’ll always have my blog here, reminding me that I have a space now for sharing.

Awesome, EASY, Healthy Breakfast!

Ok ladies and gents, I’m one of those always on the run gals. Even when I don’t have appointments, I have to-do lists. When I wake up in the morning, if I don’t catch myself, I’m moving full speed ahead mentally on those to-dos even before my toes hit the floor! Um yeah, stressful :-P.

So I’ve learned that I have to think of quick, non-overwhelming things for my essentials – like breakfast. Every time I go without breakfast, I suffer the consequences, therefore it has become an essential. That means finding a quick and simple way to eat it.

In comes oatmeal! Woohoo!

Now oatmeal on its on can be tortuous, but with the right combination of additions, it can be a little bit like heaven :-).

Enter bananas, honey, and peanut butter! Yes peanut butter!

I can’t take credit for thinking of that one – a good friend of mine just happened to mention his addiction to peanut butter and how it’s a mainstay in his oatmeal and well, I had to try it.

Glad I did? Yes I am!

And now I’m encouraging you to try the peanut butter and the rest if you haven’t yet. This little combo of sweetness changed an obligatory meal choice for me (ugh, I know I should eat oatmeal) to a serious treat ( oh yeah, it’s oatmeal time again!).

Imagine that!

A Meal I Will Make Again!

Hey dolls! Yes it’s been a minute but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been 1. thinking about this lovely space and 2. jotting down ideas in my mental space about what to write next.

Finally made some time to come over and share this recipe I made just a few days ago – Pesto Rice and Beans – the bomb! This is from my new-ish cookbook Healthy Crock-Pot Vegetarian Recipes Cookbook. I randomly picked it up at Barnes and Nobles one day (because I miss the bookstore and buying books!) and have been making a point to try one recipe at least a week. Sometimes I hit that goal, sometimes not lol. In any case, this recipe here is a win. My pictures may not be doing it justice, lol but I would highly suggest checking out the cookbook and giving this recipe a try. In a future post, I’ll write all about why these ingredients are some of the healthiest! If you want this recipe, feel free to leave me a note in the comments!

Pesto Rice and Beans 1. the Recipe 2. In the crockpot 3. In my bowl – yum!

Rediscovering my Tarot Cards

You may or may not know that I read tarot cards. I started reading at the prompting of a good friend about 14 years ago.

Wow time flies!

Tarot has always been something dear to my heart and whenever I’m reading Tarot, at least for myself, I feel so much more centered and so much more at peace and in control of my life ( at least in the sense that I can control how I respond to things in my life :-) ).

Life gets so busy though and it’s actually been quite a few months since I’ve read tarot for myself. So I’ve decided that it’s going to be something that I try to incorporate again in my life on some type of regular basis.

today, actually made time to do a quick one card reading. You can see in the picture that the card I drew was the priestess reversed.

Now that is an interesting card for the question I asked. My birthday is coming up and tonight I’m celebrating :-). So I asked just a general question about how to approach all of these things that are in my head right now.

The priestess in the upright position usually means that it’s time for you to reconnect with your intuition and your sense of just knowing the right thing to do. I consider my intuition my direct connection with God. So I consider intuition, in a way, God talking to me – or at least my angels talking to me :-).

So to get this card in the reverse position almost means to me that I’ve been doing too much intuitive thought and not enough actual *action*. Maybe I’ve been too much in my head, perhaps there’s been too much trying to feel things out as opposed to just doing.

I could see that :-).

I tend to spend a lot of time in my head and not so much the same amount of time in activity.

This might seem crazy to some people who know me but it really is the truth – trust me, lol. So perhaps this card just means that at least for tonight, just get out there and do. Stay out of my head and instead connect with the people around me, have a good time and just let myself be truly in the moment – fully present – all the way there:-).

I’m pretty sure I can do that :-).

Focusing on Your Feelings this New Year

 So the new year is here and we are about a week in. Have you been obsessing over your resolutions? Are you wrestling with whether to try to follow them or to just save yourself future disappointment and not even attempt resolutions this year?

Whichever category you are in this year, I’d like to suggest another idea.

Why not focus on how you want to feel this new year?

In my experience, doing this has been a lot more helpful. So much though that I wrote about it on Bellaonline, where I am the Wellness Editor. Check it out below and let me know what you think :-).

Happy reading!

A Different Way to Approach New Year’s Resolutions


  • Try focusing on your feelings this New Year instead of resolutions.  Buffer

My New Years Wish for You


My new year’s wish for us all is to remember that we always have a choice. We can always choose how our reality will play out in our minds. We can choose to see the benefit or to see the detriment. True, we can’t always choose the circumstances..but we can always choose our reaction to them. I wish that we all make the choice this year to choose the happiest reaction..the one that gives us the most hope, the most gusto, the most rah rah…don’t put your mojo down this year for anyone or anything…And if you happen to forget and lose it anyway…go looking for it right away…pick that mojo back up and decided that your happiness is just a choice away Namaste #lifeisforliving #newyearpromisestoself #newyear #newday#newchancestochooseyourhappy #dontjustgetalongthriveinstead