New Project! Tarot is back!

Ok everyone, I am so excited :). I know, I’m excited about a lot but this is really touching a soul space kind of excitement :). I finally decided to do a little bit more with getting myself reading Tarot regularly again (even if it’s just for myself).

I have never been able to shake the advice someone gave me a few years back about teaching Tarot being one of my strengths and happy places. It’s true, I love to talk about the cards and I love how different decks bring out different elements to interpret and gain insight from. Perhaps it’s a perfect balance for my right/left brain.

Well, I’ve been sorely missing it and so late last night in a stroke of "go for it-ism", I decided to open a Tarot based instagram account – whoop! And I added some stuff to my instapage. So I have a real presence now and a place to share that part of me! I’ve always felt weird about sharing that quirky part of myself. It’s so easy to misunderstand it and for people to make crazy assumptions and such! But these days I’m a little less afraid and I’m a little better at realizing what I need to feel balanced and whole and happy :-).

If you want to check out the page, feel free and join me over at :-D.

I’ll still be posting readings here every now and then but most of everything will be on the instagram page from now on :-)..

Beer in my Hair?! Yes Oh Yes!

hydratingSo the other day I finally decided to use a shampoo sample that I’d gotten from Whole Foods a few years ago (so sad I know). In my defense, it was part of a bag full of stuff and so it took a minute to get the bag sorted through and then, well it landed in the abyss of the baskets under the sink. I only recently decided to move it from the baskets to the shower caddy. And that’s the only reason it made it to my head :-).

So about the sample, it was from a company Broo and as I read the ingredients and brand literature on the container, I realized that it’s main ingredient was beer. ‘Well that’s cool’ I thought. The text said beer had the ability to smooth and shine my hair and of course I was all for that. I was a little concerned that maybe it wasn’t really made for kinky, curly hair but figured why not give it a go.

Turns out the literature was so right! My hair has never felt so smooth after a wash! Usually shampoo strips my hair and leaves it feeling very dry. Conditioner is a must after that.

This shampoo however left my hair feeling smooth and moisturized yet still clean! It was nothing short of amazing. Plus the scent is lovely. I am rarely moved to actually buy a product that I sample regardless of the price – but right then and there in the shower, I decided that even if this was $20 a pop, I was going to get it. That’s saying a LOT, lol.

Later that day, I checked out the ingredients online and they are all in the safe realm, something else that makes the greenie in me smile big time :D. You can check them out here.

What seems to be so awesome about Beer is that it’s chock full of B vitamins and minerals, natural silicone, and protein that protect and moisturize hair strands. Sounds pretty magical to me.

I am planning to do a little more research on why beer is so great for your hair (and your skin apparently!) but in the meantime, rest assured I will be getting some Broo Shampoo in my life soon! :-D.

The Argenta Bead Company!!! #Miniadventure

So today I got an email from the Argenta Bead Company and omg, they have a class coming up on Silversmithing!!! Can you tell I’m excited?? Yes, I’m excited! It’s a $295 class sooo it might just be a ‘wouldn’t that be nice” thing BUT even thinking about possibly taking it makes me super happy.

I took my first jewelry making class many years ago in Chicago at one of the park districts. I was so spoiled in Chicago and didn’t even know it :(. We had all types of classes through the park districts – I mean classes in anything you could come up with. And they were soooo affordable! My jewelry class was maybe $40 bucks? I learned to solder and to wire wrap. It was so. freakin. cool. And then I moved away and there went my ease in taking awesome classes for little to nothing :-/.

However! Places like the Bead Company in Argenta make it a little bit easier to nurture that part of myself :). A few weeks ago, I treated myself to a trip to the store and found some beautiful stuff. Soo sooo soo beautiful!

Take a look at these gorgeous Venus of Willendorf shaped gemstones. Aren’t they lovely!


I saw a lot of brass work that I loved too! Here’s a few shots of those.

20150805_141654 20150805_141650And see how affordable everything is?? This place is the bomb dot com AND the store attendants are pretty sweet too! I met two of them that day and one of them lovesTarot like me – fancy that :D.

So I went ahead and bought myself a few charms that I will use to put on my Tarot Deck bags that I will be making on my next freebie day (Those are my vacation days that I try to take two of each week :)). When I get them done, I’ll definitely show them off!

I highly recommend taking a trip to the Argenta Bead Company if you happen to be in the Little Rock area. It’s well worth it! AND here’s hoping that I manifest the ability to go to that Silversmithing class!

Turning a Negative into a Positive

Hey Natural beauties!

Hope life has been stellar your way. Things have been going super well for me these days. I’ve been getting lots of motivation, my mojo is back fired up, and my inspiration and innovation factors are increasing!

This type of rah rah work productivity isn’t always easy to come by (at least not for me) and generally I need a big push of something to put me over the edge full-fledged. And well, I got that a few days ago :). It’s something that could have really rocked me in a bad way. I found out something about my business niche that shook me up.

BUT, I talked it out with myself and turned it into a positive and then decided to share my thoughts with the world on Periscope :).

Here’s the recording of that video. Here’s hoping it inspires you to “turn it around” with whatever needs it in your life also :).

** If you want to follow me on Periscope, you can find me at @naturalblkgrl. I highly recommend downloading the app and getting acquainted. It’s really quite fun!

Periscope, Tarot Reading, Moving on :).

Hey everyone :).

So um, yeah, my last post – a little embarrassing :). Did you figure out yet that it was actually meant for my personal blog? I wrote a little about that on my Facebook page because of course, it’s all linked aaaand of course, it posted front and center with summary text for every single person to see :P. It feels like that right? Like when you make a mistake, eeeveryone notices :P..but this actually turned into a really good thing because my friends were so loving and kind and gentle with me :-). Thanks guys, you all rock, really you do :).

There’s no feeling like exposing your deepest anxieties and doubts about yourself on accident and having people say ‘no way girl!, you are the bomb dot com’ :D. It felt pretty affirming and ok yeah, pretty awesome :).

So it actually encouraged me to feel less embarrassed about sharing more personal things and since I have just discovered this fun new app (I might be late :)) Periscope, I figured why not share a Tarot reading!

Tarot reading is a little spooky to some people. However it’s always been super comforting for me. I feel really connected to the world and God when I’m tuning into myself and the world with Tarot. I will explain my philosophy of how it works one day but maybe just watching me do this reading might help you understand it best :). So here’s the video of me sharing that reading. Periscope makes it possible to download the videos you do which I think is pretty neat. Now be warned, this was one of my first, I was having a bad hair day and I was super sleepy – if you can get past all that, you might enjoy it :P.

If you want to follow me on Periscope, you can find me at @naturalblkgrl and @mymovemakeup. I think this new platform is going to be fun and empowering to use :). We’ll see!

Definitely let me know what you think, k! If you have any questions, let me know those as well!

Having a hard time

So I’m having a hard time with a lot of things. I’m tired again most of the day. I feel ugly. I feel overweight. I have weird stomach cramps. I just don’t feel good. And my anxiety is peaking randomly throughout the day. I don’t feel good about my purpose in life, my direction..everything seems out of wack.

I want to take tomorrow off. I feel like I just need a break. It all seems too much. I’m trying to feel better and pull myself into calmness..crossing fingers :).

Soothing Your Skin from Sunburn

NBGG hot day photo

Hey friends!

So I have a question for you? How have you been taking care of your skin this summer? Here in Little Rock it’s been a serious SCORCHER and even I, who rarely worries about the sun, have been making sure I’m using my sun screening oils on a regular basis.

The other day, a friend of mine stayed out in the sun a little too long and ended up with a nasty sunburn. She could barely touch it without wincing. When she asked if I knew anything that might help, my mind immediately went to my mental store of essential oils.

What I came up with for her was tea tree and lavender essential oils to soothe the inflammation and burning. Lavender would also help with the healing process.

They both are safe to use directly on the skin but since sunburn is what we were dealing with, I advised her to put them in a base of coconut oil or aloe vera gel. Both of these are soothing to the skin and also help it repair and rebuild.

Since she needed a quick fix though and we were at my studio, I mixed her up an essential oil blend in safflower oil so that she could apply something immediately. Safflower oil is excellent for skin in general because of its high linoleic acid concentration and its anti-inflammatory properties (again, great for sunburn).



So you may or may not know that I make and sell makeup. I hope you do know lol. That means I’m getting better at marketing :-).

In any case, I started making eyeshadows first because I loved the colors. (Color theory is fun and a nice break from stoic science-minded work.) I’d worked up bright blues, yellows, oranges, plums, aquas – just about every color on the color wheel and then some. Some were beautifully vibrant on my eyes and some just disappeared (I was still learning my craft.

Today I happened to find one of those old shadows in a bright purple! Since the makeup lasts forever, I decided to go ahead and put it on in full appreciation of myself and my talents :-).

What you see is the result of my silly yet necessary love me selfie fest :-D.


Missing the feeling…

Golden Feelings

Because Raggedy Ann reminds me of my childhood :). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I woke up today missing being pregnant. I missed that feeling of something growing inside of me. Like knowing for real that something was growing inside of me, not just pretending what it would feel like. (I know I’m not the only one who does that from time to time :)).

It kinda sucked knowing that I just didn’t have that feeling anymore and that I wouldn’t have it anytime soon. So I didn’t fight the sucky feeling. I entertained my mind with internet chatter, lounged in bed between sleep and silly smiles at ridiculous internet pics and videos, and basically waited until the idea of getting up and seeing some projects get done was more appealing than staying in bed. And finally I found the motivation to get up. Luckily Fridays are my new days off since I started a new dance class on Mondays so I could afford to lollygag.

My good friend ladybug checked on me today and reminded me one day at a time :). Yep.

Another good friend told me about an awesome dream she had about me publishing an herbs for the home book and her loving it. That really made me smile. Mostly because it’s something I’ve dreamed about. And although I always have lots of projects, I have some so dear to my heart that I’ve never finished. That’s one of them. What a lovely auspicious dream.

So one other good thing about my miscarriage. I get to work on these projects without morning sickness and a 9 month deadline :-D.

Silver linings people. Silver linings :).