Awesome, EASY, Healthy Breakfast!

Ok ladies and gents, I’m one of those always on the run gals. Even when I don’t have appointments, I have to-do lists. When I wake up in the morning, if I don’t catch myself, I’m moving full speed ahead mentally on those to-dos even before my toes hit the floor! Um yeah, stressful :-P.

So I’ve learned that I have to think of quick, non-overwhelming things for my essentials – like breakfast. Every time I go without breakfast, I suffer the consequences, therefore it has become an essential. That means finding a quick and simple way to eat it.

In comes oatmeal! Woohoo!

Now oatmeal on its on can be tortuous, but with the right combination of additions, it can be a little bit like heaven :-).

Enter bananas, honey, and peanut butter! Yes peanut butter!

I can’t take credit for thinking of that one – a good friend of mine just happened to mention his addiction to peanut butter and how it’s a mainstay in his oatmeal and well, I had to try it.

Glad I did? Yes I am!

And now I’m encouraging you to try the peanut butter and the rest if you haven’t yet. This little combo of sweetness changed an obligatory meal choice for me (ugh, I know I should eat oatmeal) to a serious treat ( oh yeah, it’s oatmeal time again!).

Imagine that!

A Meal I Will Make Again!

Hey dolls! Yes it’s been a minute but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been 1. thinking about this lovely space and 2. jotting down ideas in my mental space about what to write next.

Finally made some time to come over and share this recipe I made just a few days ago – Pesto Rice and Beans – the bomb! This is from my new-ish cookbook Healthy Crock-Pot Vegetarian Recipes Cookbook. I randomly picked it up at Barnes and Nobles one day (because I miss the bookstore and buying books!) and have been making a point to try one recipe at least a week. Sometimes I hit that goal, sometimes not lol. In any case, this recipe here is a win. My pictures may not be doing it justice, lol but I would highly suggest checking out the cookbook and giving this recipe a try. In a future post, I’ll write all about why these ingredients are some of the healthiest! If you want this recipe, feel free to leave me a note in the comments!

Pesto Rice and Beans 1. the Recipe 2. In the crockpot 3. In my bowl – yum!

Rediscovering my Tarot Cards

You may or may not know that I read tarot cards. I started reading at the prompting of a good friend about 14 years ago.

Wow time flies!

Tarot has always been something dear to my heart and whenever I’m reading Tarot, at least for myself, I feel so much more centered and so much more at peace and in control of my life ( at least in the sense that I can control how I respond to things in my life :-) ).

Life gets so busy though and it’s actually been quite a few months since I’ve read tarot for myself. So I’ve decided that it’s going to be something that I try to incorporate again in my life on some type of regular basis.

today, actually made time to do a quick one card reading. You can see in the picture that the card I drew was the priestess reversed.

Now that is an interesting card for the question I asked. My birthday is coming up and tonight I’m celebrating :-). So I asked just a general question about how to approach all of these things that are in my head right now.

The priestess in the upright position usually means that it’s time for you to reconnect with your intuition and your sense of just knowing the right thing to do. I consider my intuition my direct connection with God. So I consider intuition, in a way, God talking to me – or at least my angels talking to me :-).

So to get this card in the reverse position almost means to me that I’ve been doing too much intuitive thought and not enough actual *action*. Maybe I’ve been too much in my head, perhaps there’s been too much trying to feel things out as opposed to just doing.

I could see that :-).

I tend to spend a lot of time in my head and not so much the same amount of time in activity.

This might seem crazy to some people who know me but it really is the truth – trust me, lol. So perhaps this card just means that at least for tonight, just get out there and do. Stay out of my head and instead connect with the people around me, have a good time and just let myself be truly in the moment – fully present – all the way there:-).

I’m pretty sure I can do that :-).

Focusing on Your Feelings this New Year

 So the new year is here and we are about a week in. Have you been obsessing over your resolutions? Are you wrestling with whether to try to follow them or to just save yourself future disappointment and not even attempt resolutions this year?

Whichever category you are in this year, I’d like to suggest another idea.

Why not focus on how you want to feel this new year?

In my experience, doing this has been a lot more helpful. So much though that I wrote about it on Bellaonline, where I am the Wellness Editor. Check it out below and let me know what you think :-).

Happy reading!

A Different Way to Approach New Year’s Resolutions


  • Try focusing on your feelings this New Year instead of resolutions.  Buffer

My New Years Wish for You


My new year’s wish for us all is to remember that we always have a choice. We can always choose how our reality will play out in our minds. We can choose to see the benefit or to see the detriment. True, we can’t always choose the circumstances..but we can always choose our reaction to them. I wish that we all make the choice this year to choose the happiest reaction..the one that gives us the most hope, the most gusto, the most rah rah…don’t put your mojo down this year for anyone or anything…And if you happen to forget and lose it anyway…go looking for it right away…pick that mojo back up and decided that your happiness is just a choice away Namaste #lifeisforliving #newyearpromisestoself #newyear #newday#newchancestochooseyourhappy #dontjustgetalongthriveinstead

Whose making body scrub to ring in the New Year??

KIMG0768That would be me! I’ve been wanting to share a little nudge of encouragement with you all to make yourself some decadent body scrub this winter. It’s oh so very simple and it just requires you to take a little time for yourself and get to mixing :-).

For a basic body scrub that will leave your skin soft as silk, all you really need are the ingredients I took a picture of Just sugar, oil, and honey (arguably the most important one ;-)) will have you in skin heaven.

It’s very easy to use proper measuring principles when making your scrub, but don’t let that intimidate you into not starting. Trying to gather all the ‘right’ tools and the perfect this and that can stall you for days. It might even stall you right on out if making it ever!

I suggest instead to wait only until you have a glass jar available – cleaning and sterilizing a salsa jar works perfectly.

Pour sugar in the jar to about 3/4th full. Add then about half that amount in oil. I myself like olive oil. The heaviness of it is super nourishing and moisturizing. Any vegetable oil will do the trick though. Mix those together until all of the oil is dispersed through the sugar.

Now it’s time for the best ingredient – honey! Honey is what leaves that luxurious coating of silk on your skin :-). I usually mix about 2 tablespoons of honey into my scrub.

Now for those of you that feel more comfortable with proper measurements, start out with 1 cup of sugar, 1/2 cup of oil, and 2 tablespoons of honey. Then adjust as you feel fit :-).

In another post I’ll talk about some of the essential oil blends I like for my scrubs. Yes there must be scent:-)! I’ll also give you a rundown on specifically how the scrub ingredients love on your skin. Come on back to learn about all of that :-).

Until then Happy New Year!

Do you have an Altar?

Do You have an Altar

This morning I got an email from one of my favorite websites, DailyOM. If you haven’t been to that site, I highly suggest it. For the past 6 years or more, I’ve been following it and being inspired by it.

Today’s email was about the purpose of an altar. The universe is so awesome in how it brings the right messages at the right time. I’d just been thinking about and missing my own altar. I haven’t had one for a number of reasons for a few years now. The biggest reason is mostly because I just haven’t made the time to create one. Also, worrying about other people and their opinions has played a role. In these past few years, my life has become more public and with that, I’ll admit, I’ve been a little afraid of trying to deal with what stereotypes people have about altars, etc.

So I just forewent creating one on purpose. But my life lately has been missing my outward displays of my spirituality. I’ve been so focused on business and the never ending to-do list, that weeks had gone by since I’d done a tarot reading, a gratitude list,  a meditation session. I was living my spirituality in the afterthoughts of my mine, after all the ‘important’ todos.

But don’t we need our spiritual center to be strong and balanced in order to effectively do all the todos? I think so.

And today’s article helped me understand also how my altar didn’t have to be scary to other people. It’s really, in it’s essence, an outward reminder of my spiritual self. A reminder to make my spiritual time everyday.

Have a read yourself :). Intention and Intuition

Do you have an altar? How has it been easy or hard for you to have it? How has it affected your life and your spiritual self?

Hair Tabs

Today was wash day and I’m happy with my hair – yay! Again, I have more evidence that my little attention to the little details is making a big difference. I had a lot less hair in the drain from washing and even less from detangling

It feels so great to be seeing results :).

Now my hair is all twisted with Beautiful Textures and my hair butter :). It’s setting and will be nice and freshly, coily tomorrow. Yay :).