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This video makes me happy, it makes me sad, it makes me think…Ultimately, no matter how we embellish and enhance ourselves as women – even as people – if we don’t remember/remind ourselves/show ourselves that we are enough just because, just as we are, just because we are will be a losing battle. You’ll never feel what you are trying to feel. That smile will never truly be true. I thank Colbie for being such a light.

Today is the day!! Tag your friends and post those #healthytea pics with hashtag #etniqbeautea ! Check the rules below and follow my pics over on @etniqminerals ! 1. Follow @naturalblackgirlguide and @etniqminerals on instagram 2. Like Natural Black Girl Guide and Leah R. Patterson on Facebook 3. Repost this picture with the hashtag #etniqbeautea and tag a friend to join you 4. Post a picture/description each day from July 14th – 21st of your healthy tea, what type it is, and one health benefit of it using the hashtag #etniqbeautea

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Why the #Etniqbeautea Challenge?

So doing this challenge is all about me getting myself back to my healthy habits. Friends from years ago (think 2000 – 2007ish) knew me as a tea drinking, nuts, oils and berries promoting sort of hippie chick :P. I mean really I was. That was the around the time that I studied herbal medicine extensively, did my herbal medicine apprenticeship, was initiated into the Wise Woman Healing Way of healing and even started my non-profit Soulistic Sanctuary. I mean I was deep in.

Well, life changes abound and all of a sudden, years later, I found myself not nearly drinking as much tea, not nearly as determined and convicted, and not nearly as healthy as I used to be. Not the Leah I was for sure. And while a lot of the changes that came with those major changes are ones I’m happy for, I was really missing the devotion to a healthier me that I had.

And so slowly but surely, I’ve been finding myself again and finding the time and the energy to be that me again :). Woohoo for *that* right!

So the challenge is a big part of that. Yes, of course, I would love to have my NBGG and Leah R. Patterson pages have more likes and more IG followers. And yep, spreading the word about my Etniq natural beauty product offerings is high on my list. However, this challenge is really about encouraging us all, myself included, to nourish ourselves. And to prove to ourselves that this nourishing works! I want us to develop the habit of healthy :). It’s one of those “so hard, so easy” things.

What my mantra for motivation has been though is this: If I feel good, I’ll look good – period. Makes sense right??

Looking for even more info on the challenge? Here’s the original post right here:


  • If I feel good, I'll look good - period. #etniqbeautea challenge - jump in!  Buffer

First NBBG/Etniq Mini-Challenge

Okedoke!┬áI am uberly excited about this first mini-challenge! I’ve always been one to encourage people to embrace a healthy, natural lifestyle and to do it in really simple, easy ways. Drinking tea is one of those ways! But how many of us actually get around to making ourselves a cup of tea each day?? Something so simple can be so hard right?!

So this challenge is going to be all about making yourself at least one cup of nourishing tea each day! You’ll get bonus points for it being a loose tea, but any nourishing tea will be just fine :-). I’m hoping to post tips and interesting facts about getting the most out of your tea on my blog while we’re in the midst of this challenge, so cross fingers with me that I’ll be able to :-).

My ultimate hope is to help us all develop a really good habit and to encourage that, we will have prizes! The big prize will be an #Etniqcosmetics skincare kit, but I’m sure I’ll throw in some mini- prizes along the way :).

So go ahead and repost this picture, tag a friend and get ready for us to start on next Monday! Remember that feeling good is what makes you look good ;-).

Check out the info below on what to do to enter! Click on the photo to enlarge it. Note: This is an Instagram/Facebook contest!

So I did my banana conditioner again last night and like before, it made my curls POP! I didn’t get to let my hair dry all the way this morning so there is some frizz in those curls but the curls are there :). Notice the shrinkage though! Decided to show exactly how much my hair shrinks hence the random twist…it tickles me so when people ask “did you cut your hair??”.. no, just didn’t twist it ;-). Oh and yes, salseras *do* make the world a sexy place ;-). #etniqbeauty #naturalbeauty #naturalhair #bananaconditioner #healthyhair #leahshairchallenge

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